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Scented Candles - How to Get the Best Out of Them

More and more people have come to appreciate how scent can transform a space, so scented candles offer by far the simplest method to perfume your home. But did you know that candles require a few seconds care so that you get the best out of them? Here's how!

First of all, when you bring a new scented candle home and light it for the first time, our most important tip is to allow the candle to burn until the molten wax touches all sides of the receptacle. That is; give the candle a good 1-3 hour burn until the pool of wax has spread evenly across the surface of the candle. This is a great step towards preventing your candle from sinking in the middle or 'burrowing' during future burns.

Secondly, it is super important to keep the wick trimmed to 6-8mm in length. After your first burn and before you light it every time thereafter, trim the wick back (carefully removing any flayed or puffy ends). This will give you an even burn, and keep the flame short. Remember, the taller the flame, the more smoke your candles will emit!

Lastly, if whilst burning your candle, you see the wick has curled to one side, take a long non-flammable object (usually the handle end of a teaspoon or pair of scissors will suffice), and gently correct the wick so that it stands upright. Doing this will prevent wax from pooling (and burning lower) on one side.

If you follow these simple suggestions, you will certainly improve the life of your scented candles! And - if you're looking for a wonderful selection to explore this spring / summer - Table Culture are now proudly stocking True Grace candles. True Grace are produced in the UK and have harnessed all the scents of a walled English garden! Using 100% natural wax and packaged in charming lidded zinc containers, they can be enjoyed anywhere! Shop the collection here.

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