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Registry FAQs

Setting up a registry is an exciting process but also one that poses a number of questions. Below we aim to answer a number of the most frequently asked registry questions. If you have any questions that are not answered below please do not hesitate to contact store on 9380 6233 or send an email to Patrick McCarthy at


What is the best advice for planning our registry?

Ultimately, the registry is about choosing items you love, both practical and aspirational. The best advice we can offer is ensure that there is wide range of prices to choose from, but also select gifts that your guests will love to gift as they are special. Often couples are worried about their guests thinking they are being greedy by registering more expensive items, but ultimately most friends and family want to buy you something special and not a few kitchen utensils. You will be suprised at peoples generosity.

On average couples will spend $100 - $200 on a gift but it is important to have ., ahnd relatives a and relatives often more but it is important to have gifts under a $100 for those coming without a partner or with whom you are not that close to.

Remember, it is important to have those special items in a home that you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself but remind you of your big day. Also make sure that there are enough gifts listed in comparison to your guest list. Your registry consultant in store can help you with this.

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Are there charges for our guests?

Unlike other Registry's, Table Culture does not charge your guests a cent to purchase off your Registry. Gift wrapping, delivery within metro area and our wonderful personal service is all complimentary.

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When should I setup my Registry?

Generally 3 months before you wedding is a good idea. This gives you time to select gifts and make changes before you wedding invitations are sent out.

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How do we tell our guests about our list?

When you register with Table Culture, we will provide you with discreet Registry cards to insert with your wedding invitations. These complimentary cards are elegant white cards, slightly larger than an average business card. They include details of how to access your list, including web address, phone numbers, store address and services offered, making selecting a gift for you easy and enjoyable.

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Some of our guests are not web savvy, can they purchase off the list?

Not everyone likes to buy a gift online. Many still like to personally handle the product and then make a selection. The Registry cards provide our address and phone number so your guests can visit the store where one of our staff members will happily run through the list with them. Alternatively for those unable to make it into the store, we can fax, post or email list to them and arrange their selection over the phone.

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We have lived together for years and don't need many gifts, what should we list?

These days, most couples have set up home together and often don't need many gifts. A Wedding Registry is all about selecting beautiful gifts that you wouldn't usually budget for yourself, perhaps a 'want' rather than a 'need'. A visit to the store will help you, when you see all the gorgeous items on show to fill your home with. Table Culture not only showcases everyday quality kitchenware and homewares, but also a beautiful range of unique gifts that you are sure to 'want'. Also refer to the Wedding checklist for some ideas and you will be suprised how quickly a list comes together.

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How do I set up a Bridal Registry?

Creating a registry is easy. Firstly, you can contact the store to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants at time convenient to you and your Fiance. This gives you the opportunity to get a feel for products, discuss your individual needs and receive helpful advice. Your consultant will then setup your Registry on the online store and in store and send you the details so you can monitor your list, make changes and see when gifts are purchased.

Alternatively you can Register a list online by clicking on 'Set up Registry' and follow the prompts. A consultant will then contact you to make sure your questions are answered and that you are happy. Please note that not 100% of products stocked in store are on the online store, so it is a good idea to visit the store or set up an appointment. You can still list these items, we just load them onto the site.

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How do I update my Bridal Registry online if I want to change a gift or add a gift?

You have so many decisions to make it is no wonder you may change your mind about some gifts. You can add/delete products or update the quantities up until the gift has been purchased, online or by contacting your consultant who will update list for you. You can also update your contact details by simply logging in to your registry. There you will find all the tools you need. It is very important that you contact the store with all changes via email or phone so we can update the in store records.

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Can I view the items that have been purchased off my registry?

You can view all purchased items by logging into your control panel and following the link to your purchased list.

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When an item is purchased, does my Bridal Registry automatically get updated?

Yes. Your Bridal Registry is automatically updated after someone purchases something from your list so that no one else can buy that same product from your registry.

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Can overseas guests purchase from our Registry?

Yes, of course. We accept Visa and Mastercard on our secure site from all around the world.

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Delivery of our gifts - How long?

Table Culture offers complimentary delivery within the metro area on all registries. In the lead up to your wedding we will ask you to request a delivery day, place and time. Generally, most couples request delivery a day or two before the wedding so the presents can be opened the next day. Some prefer to wait until they return from honeymoon. It is entirely up to you. Please note we aim to have 100% of purchased gifts available for delivery, however some items may not arrive in time. If this is the case we will provide a list of which items we are waiting on and when we expect them into store.

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Giftwrapping - How much does it cost?

Table Culture offers complimentary giftwrapping service for all online and in store purchases for your guests. We use a gloss white paper with an organza ribbon.



Can we purchase items off our list that were not purchased?

Absolutely. Table Culture is happy to offer you 10% off any items remaining on your list for up to 3 months after your Wedding.

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